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Bird Herd

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My shop is on the near SW section of the downtown area of Canton so will someone please explain to me why, for the last two weeks or so, there has been a herd of sea gulls circling the neighborhood.  Yes I KNOW that FLOCK is the correct word when referring to a group of sea gulls (or most other birds) but this is a HERD!!!  There are upward to 100 or more of them.   When I first spotted  the birds they were not close enough to identify but as they were circling I thought they might be a group of buzzards headed for Hinkley who got lost but then found some sort of carcass to feats upon.  Then the circle became smaller and they began to fly lower and it was easy to spot that they were sea gulls.  I know there is not an ocean anywhere near here nor even a large body of water.  Are these misguided birds mistaking the white covered ground for a white capped ocean?  Is there a beached whale that has somehow been dropped into the SW side of canton and they are feasting on him???

OMG!!!!   Quickly….Someone speed down to Mother Goose Land and check on Willy!!!

Mother gooseland whale 1965-a




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