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Marvel Goes To School

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One of the best parts of owning a comic book shop is all the vintage comic related items I run across (OK the vintage comic books are are definitely the BEST part).  Recently, while spelunking in the warehouse section of the shop, I uncovered a box containing, among other treasures, some Marvel School Supplies.

These items, circa 1975, were produced by the MEAD company (from right here in Ohio (Dayton to be exact)) and featured the cover art of several Marvel comic books as well as some interior art as well.  The photo above show the ones I have which feature:  Hulk, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain America (I know there was also a Thor cover produced and there may have been others).  The same cover artwork (and interior artwork where needed) was used on each of the items produced.  Pictured here are the:  Two Pocket Folder, Spiral Notebook, and 3 Ring Binder; there may have been other items as well.

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