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The Fat Fury

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Customers often ask me which comic book character is my favorite.  To be honest I can’t really choose an absolute favorite but there are certainly some for which I have a special place fondness.

HERBIE is definitely one of those.

Herbie was produced by ACG (American Comics Group) a small comic book publishing company who was in the business from 1943 – 1967.  Herbie was created by Richard E Hughes (using the pseudonym Shane O’Shea) and Ogden Whitney.  Herbie began with several appearances in ACG’s long running Horror title “Forbidden Worlds” (issue numbers 73 (12/58), 94,  110, 114 &116) and proved popular enough that he was given his own title begining in April of 1964.  That series ran for twenty-three (23) issues and ended with the February 1967 dated issue.  ACG went out of business soon after.

What set Herbie Popnecker apart was the fact that he was no one’s idea of a hero.  Even his own father referred to him as a “Fat Little Nothing!”  Still Herbie was secure in his own abilities, many of which he derived from various flavored lollipops. In fact lollipops were the continuity of the stories.  Herbie always had one in his mouth, he had various types for various abilities (time travel, flying, stretching, etc), and his main threat and means of battle was to “Bop You With This Here Lollipop!  His parents were unaware of their son’s abilities, prowess and fame but the rest of the world knew.  He was constantly being contacted by heads of state for assistance and regularly rubbed elbows with Hollywood celebrities.  In issue #8 of his title (March 1965) Herbie first donned a costume of his own making (red long johns on which was a yellow circle with the words “FAT FURY” written in itin large black letters, a blue cape and mask and a plunger on his head))and became “THE FAT FURY”!

Herbie stories were always funny and highly entertaining and any description I tried to make would not do them justice.  Recently Dark Horse has released a three volume hard bound set of “Herbie Archives” books that reprint the entire Herbie series.  They sell for $49.99 each and are well worth the cost.

So there you have it, One of my favorite Comic Book Characters…HERBIE!!!




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