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2015 Birthday Rant!!!

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Well here it is…Another year has passed. Most of you who know me know that at this time of year I get fairly retrospective as well as introspective.  Never one to let my musings go to waste…here is some of the knowledge I’ve gleaned from these 61 years on earth.

My parents REALLY were not as dumb as I thought, however neither was I as stupid as they believed.
Christmas toys have a life expectancy that is inversely proportional to how badly you wanted it.
Those that CAN, DO! Those that can’t open comic book shops!
Exercise is something that is fun to watch.
If I had actually applied myself, like all those teachers told me to, I’d be working a job making a lot of money but I wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun.
If it takes longer than two hours it really isn’t worth it.
Some people are alone because they want to be alone.
Dream big because there is nothing worse then achieving your dreams and having nothing left to strive toward.
Two boobies!  Two hands!  Coincidence?  I think not!
Love letters are wonderful but be aware they are also admissible in a court of law!
Kool-Aid straight from the pack is not nearly as tasty as one would believe.
The only way to get a popped bubblegum bubble out of a beard involves shaving!
Pop Rocks can be used in unique ways so always keep a package in the nightstand.
Never accept a ride from a stranger unless he offers you candy!
No matter how cool you were in high school and college once you hit the mid-thirties and above you become a total loser to the generations that have followed you.
Telling a girl that you have a complete set of Star Wars figures unopened does not impress them nearly as much as one would think.
Strip poker is much more fun then strip solitaire.
Home cooked food from a restaurant is not dissimilar to authentic simulated plastic.
True friends are people who will spend the evening with you even after you’ve told them you ate Mexican for lunch.
You can learn anything from a book but you still need a partner to put the fun stuff into practice.
There REALLY is such a thing as too much candy.
When things get really stressful take a nap!
Stop worrying about what other people think because they are usually too caught up worrying about what you think about them to think about you!
Speak what you feel and you may be surprised to find others appreciate your candor…and if they don’t… SCREW EM!!!!
And my final thought, at least for know…
We are guaranteed nothing in this life except for the fact that one day it will end… With that in mind, Never hold back from telling the people that you care about how you feel about them as if you put it off for a day one of you may not be be there any more!!!
Take care and be kind,
March 4, 2015

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