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CCC Calendar.

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In August 2008 Comics Cards And Collectibles began what it turns out was a fairly long standing tradition.  Every month we would publish a Calendar page featuring a lady wearing one of our CCC T-shirts posing inside the shop.  This calendar page would hang for that entire month near the check out area of the shop.  ccc_cal-09_10-2008

Customers seemed to enjoy this and so we continued to produce the pages every month.  We were lucky enough to keep having models who were willing to do photo shoots.  Perhaps they were living a secret fantasy to be a calendar model or perhaps they just did it because they thought it would be fun…In any case models kept appearing.  Some of the models must have enjoyed the shoots (we tried to make them as much fun as possible) as they returned time and again.  In July 2011 we tried something new.  Instead of the T-shirt poses we put our model in a bathtub full of comic books!


This was well received.  As the time passed I was always amazed by the number of customers who took special note of the CCC Calendar pages.

The last couple of years it has gotten harder and harder to get volunteers to model.  Lots of people voiced and interest but for various reasons we just could not seem to find corresponding time to do a shoot.  After being unable to get a March model (forcing us to use some photos from previous shoots) we tried to get an April Model lined up by mid-March.  Though several models voiced an interest nothing came of it.  So here it is the last day of March and we have not gotten our April Model (Whose page should have been posted tomorrow).

So for that and other reasons and with a heavy heart…We here at Comics Cards And Collectables are suspending (possibly permanently) the tradition of having a CCC Calendar page.


It has been fun and we are going to miss it, as we are certain will a lot of our customers, but there is a point where one must “Grab The Bull By The Tail And Face The Situation!!!”

2014- calendar-ladies-002-aa

We would like to take this time to say a huge “THANK YOU!!!” to all the models we have had throughout the years.  Your time and bravery were greatly appreciated.  We couldn’t have done it without you…Which is now more obvious than ever!!!

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