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Marvel Comics have had a very successful run when it comes to producing comic books and the characters contained within.  Combo Man is one of the lesser characters produced by the company.  He never had his own comic book nor, to my knowledge was he ever a guest star in any of the Marvel Comics line.  In fact he only came into being because of a 1995 contest sponsored by “COMBOS SNACKS”.  Yes this character was a combination of 14 famous Marvel Comics Characters and the object of the contest was for the entrants to identify the specific 14 characters for a chance to win prizes.


This was probably not as easy a task as one would think and and twenty years later it is even less easy.  I’m sure you are going to want to try this on your own so I will not list the characters but let you to your own devices.  My real hope is that at some point during the upcoming “SECRET WARS” event, that will reboot the Marvel Universe, Combo Man might make a brief appearance!!!

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