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DC Comics 1977 Blockbuster!!!

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“House of Mystery” #251, the March / April issue of that title, saw the page count and price of that title jump from 32 pages for 30 cents to 80 pages for $1.00. That month the “Superman Family” title also made that change and the following month, at least according to the advertisement inside “House of Mystery” #251, “World’s Finest” and “G. I. Combat” would be following suit.


According to that advertisement (shown above) the consumer was getting the equivalent of 4 comics for the price of 3!!!

This was not the only blockbuster in announced in this issue.  The very same month Jenette Kahn became the publisher at DC (as shown in the announcement below).


As a reward for spending your money one also received a diploma, of sorts.


The comic book also sported a Neal Adams cover featuring an illustration of the creature featured in the final story in the comic.  Though the creature on the cover resembles something I just can’t put my finger on (at least not without getting into trouble…Why do I think of this a the counterpart the the “Giant-Sized Man-Thing” I mentioned in a previous blog).


It does not quite look like the creature in the story!!!


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