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Have a problem??? I have an answer!!!!

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Sometimes when there are no customers in the shop and I’m just to lazy to do any of the much needed cleaning, sorting, filing, accounting etc. I sit back and let my mind wander! Sometimes I think about the many problems in this wide world and all of the very intelligent minds trying to solve them (or so we are told).  Well maybe it is time to hear from the moron section…not that I feel I am the spokesman for this group…just a member in good standing! So here are a few ideas to make my city, my state, my nation, dare I say it MY WORLD a better place!!!!


Problem–The youth of America does not seem interested in studying!
Solution–Outlaw schoolbooks!
That’s right make it against the law for anyone under 21 to possess a math, English, science, history, or any other type of scholastic book.  By doing this you make it imperative that the kids acquire them in any way possible.  You would see groups of children huddled around one kid who found a math book under his father’s bed and all the kids would be trying desperately to get a good look at a word problem before some adult finds them and confiscates the book!
Problem–Icy roads in winter (yes I know it is a problem that only affects northern states but it is a big problem)!
Solution–Build roads out of salt!!
This would also cut down on the cost of crews having to spread salt all winter to melt the snow and ice.
Problem—Pot holes in roads AND running out of places to put our trash
Solution—I know these two problems seem unrelated but thanks to my mind they are not!!! Most trash is picked up by city workers from the curb-sides of the citizens. City workers are also responsible for filling the potholes. Therefore instead of picking up the curbside trash with a regular garbage truck use a grinder mixing truck that will grind up the trash and mix it with tar and then the same workers can use this mixture to fill the potholes they find as they do their routs!!!


Problem–High Gasoline (petrol for all you Brits out there) prices.
Solution–Build cars that run on methane and eat more Taco Bell!
Do I REALLY need to explain further?

Problem–High Crime Rate!
Solution–Death Penalty!
I know we have a death penalty and it doesn’t help…that’s because we use it wrong…I’m speaking of DEATH PENALTY ACCROSS THE BOARD!!!
You litter…you DIE…Speeding…DIE….jaywalking…DIE!!!  No trials, no appeals, just DEATH!  I’d say it would only take about a week for the crime rate to drop…oh I don’t know…about 99.9%!
Problem—Global Warming
Solution—After the record setting arctic February we just escaped I say BRING IT!!! I could use some warmth!
Problem—Gridlock in the congress and senate
Solution—Change how our lawmakers get paid…Instead of a fat annual salary put them on commission. They make money for every law they pass and that is the only way. I bet we would see that gridlock break faster than the speed of light.


Well I suppose I solved enough problems for now…But don’t worry, a mind like mine can never stop coming up with awesome ideas such as these. I’ll keep working, planning, and thinking so as to make this a better world!

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