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I think this will also help me loose weight!

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Last week I ordered a pizza from “Pizza Oven” (one of the best places in the area for good old fashioned pizza).  I ordered a small with Sausage, mushrooms, onions, and double cheese (details are important).  They cut their small pizzas (which are square by the way…so are the large incidentally) into eight slices.  Once home and settled in I ate my pizza whilst watching  a DVD (actually two episodes of WEST WING season 2).  I found that after eating 4 slices I was still hungry….after the next two slices I was pleasantly full but thought it would be ridiculous to have only 2 slices for leftovers so I ate them as well and was over full.
This week (yes I am a person of habit and I have started having pizza every Wed. night at least until I decide to change that particular habit) when I ordered my small pizza  (this time with sausage, onions, green peppers, and double cheese…in case you were wondering) I am going to tell them to cut it into 6 slices rather than 8 as I found eating 8 slices was far too filling.   I feel much better about myself now!

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  1. pat hayhurst

    Thank you Sheldon… Bazinga.
    I think you are having way to much fun with this web page.

  2. I. M. Manly

    Thief! You stole this from my friend A. Randy Feller. Shame on you!