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Its Kenner! Its FUN!!!

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Today it is hard to imagine a day when entertainment was not at our fingertips.  Our technology allows us to watch movies on the same device with which we communicate and surf the web.  But if you can use your mind to travel back in time, back before digital down loads, before Blu-Rays, before DVDs, yes even before VHS…(Cue Twilight Zone Music)!!!

The year is 1959and a small toy company from Cincinnati, Ohio releases a brand new toy.  The company is known as Kenner, a company that has already produced the “Bubble-Matic” Bubble gun (yes it shot bubbles)


and the “Kenner Girders and Panels” (construction sets to build skyscrapers and highways).




But the new toy was pure genius…Up until now the ony way a person could enjoy television show other than on television was…. WAIT, there was no other way!!!  Kenner came up with a way.  This was a battery operated slide projector with strips of slides featuring popular television and cartoon characters that a child could watch anytime they wanted.  You didn’t even need a screen as it sould be projected onto any flat surface…including the ceiling!!!



Then in 1962 Kenner released the ULTIMATE (at the time) projector toy…The “Kenner Super Show Projector”!!!



This was a combination slide projector and opaque projector.  It came with cardboard puppets which could be moved and when put beneath the projector, in its opaque mode, could be used to make your own animated adventures.


As cool as this seemed it was not as much fun as one would hope.  After a very short time the toy was fazed out.   but the regular Give A Show projector continued production well into the 1970s.  And Kenner, of course, still exists today as one of the top toy, game and action figure manufacturers in the market.

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