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Look What I Found!!

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Thursday Mornings seem to be great days to go spelunking in the warehouse area of the shop.  I never know what I’m going to find.  Well, look what I found today.


An ATOMIC ARCADE PIN BALL in the original box.  the only part missing is one of the two small plastic legs that was inserted on each side of the front to give the game a downward slant.

In those bygone days when we did not carry more computing power in our pockets than NASA used for a lunar landing and a pinball machine was a HUGE weighty machine only found in mall arcades, being able to play a smaller version of a pinball machine right in your very home was the desire or, dare I say, dream of many a child, adolescent and adult.  To that end the tomy Corporation produced this tabletop model in 1979.  The ATOMIC ARCADE PIN BALL  was, to quote the description on the box, a “Portable pinball with bells, power bumpers, automatic scoring, and real pinball action.  Arcade actionthat’s futuristic, flashy, fast, and furious.”  Obviously their writers loved alliteration as much as I.


This machine was powered 5 “D” cell batteries which were not included.  The one I found (pictured above) has been altered so as to use a universal AC adapter.  It may not play as dynamically as a full size machine of that era but I can imagine that it would still have provided hours of entertainment.

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