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Out Of The Night…

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I just never know what is going to come walking into the shop…Well the items don’t walk in but the people walk in carrying the items!!!

How about this 1950s era Walt Disney’s Zorro Halloween costume produced by Ben Cooper!  In The Original Box no less!!!! This costume is absolutely beautiful!!  There is a small amount of fraying but the artwork and printing on it is fantastic.  The box has seen better days but just finding an item of this age with any condition box is rare.

I remember watching the Walt Disney Zorro program with my brother when we were kids.  It starred Guy Williams (who later starred in “Lost In Space”) as Zorro.  We both always wanted this costume but never got one.  Now I’m torn between keeping this and selling it…Of course the right price and I’m pretty sure I could part with it…Mainly because I can’t fit into it!!! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try!


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