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Punisher Meets Archie…REALLY??? Yes, Really!!!

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When One thinks of inter-Company Team-Ups one thinks of: Superman/Spider-Man, Batman/Hulk, Teen Titans/X-Men, Justice League/Avengers, X-Men Star Trek, Batman/Spawn and so many others.  So who thought tha “The Punisher Meets Archie” was a good idea? Yet in August of 1994 this comic book hit the stands.


This comic book features a story, titled “When Worlds Collide” written by Batton Lash and illustrated by John Buscema (Punisher Artist), Stan Goldberg (Archie Artist), and inked by Tom Palmer.  The story is a classic case of mistaken identities with the Punisher in pursuit of a thug named “Mel Jay…aka Montana Bob aka Freckles–currently known as “Red Fever” who just happens to bear mor than a little resemblance to a certain red haired, freckle-faced teenager residing in Riverdale.


As he flees NewYork and the Punisher he heads to Union Station and decides to board a train out of town.  Given a choice of locations he passes on Gotham, Ivy Town, Happy Harbor and a couple other locations and heads instead to Riverdale home of the afore mentioned teenager, Archie Andrews.  Of course Archie’s doppelganger is mistaken fro Archie but his attitude and manners are polar opposites of Clean, Wholesome Mr. Andrews so people figure out that something is amiss.


In truth this is this is a very enjoyable romp that lets both characters stay fairly true to their images.  If you get a chance, give it a read!









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