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Sadly This Is Not A Snake Wizard!!!

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Imagine how excited I got when I saw a box which was labeled “MAGIC ADDER”!!!  My first thought turned to Harry Potter and Slytherin House.  Sadly my hopes were dashed when I found, instead of a Magical Snake, a 1950s era educational toy.

The Mickey Mouse Club Magic Adder was a battery operated device to help teach addition.  This rather ingenious device was manufactured by JACMAR Manufacturing of New York City and released as a licensed product of the Walt Disney Company. Since it was tied to “The Mickey Mouse Club” it had to have been produced   between 1955 and 1959 as those were the years the original show ran on the ABC network.


Though not as cool as a Wizard Snake it is still a pretty neat toy and when powered by a D cell battery still works just fine!!!

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