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Telephone Fun 2 (in a series of infinity)

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So I was in the shop yesterday.  Yes, Mondays are technically my day off which means I usually work 6-8 hours instead of 10-12.  I try to get things done that I can’t usually do when the shop is open (accounting work, sorting, filing, bagging & tagging etc.).  Like me, telemarketers never take a day of either!  Here is a conversation that occurred yesterday.

The phone rings and I dutifully answer it:

Me – Comics, Cards, And Collectables…This is Tom, May I help you?

Caller – Hello, is this Tom?

Me – Let me check the transcript….Comics, Cards, And Collectables…This is Tom, May I help you? … Hmmm…It would seem I am!

Caller – Uh, OK.  I’m calling from the Canton Repository but I’m not trying to sell you a subscription.

Me – Well now I’m curious…Go ahead.


Caller – I’m working on a project to get newspapers into schools for History, Journalism, English and other classes.  We are asking you to adopt a school and then we would send newspapers to that school every day.

Me – This actually sounds like a worthwhile program.

Caller – Thank you!  The cost to you would be $______ (I honestly do not recall the cost) and that would provide as many newspapers as the school…

Me – Excuse me?

Caller – Yes?

Me – With what newspaper would you be providing these students?

Caller – Why, The Canton Repository of course.

Me – Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were going to be sending them a GOOD newspaper.

Caller – (Muffled laughter)

Me – Yeah, I don’t think I’d be interested, But you have a good day.

Caller – (Still chuckling) OK, you have a good day too!


I appreciate the fact that the caller got the joke!




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