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Wrestling Comic books of the 1990s & 2000s

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If you were a wrestling fan in the latter part of the last century then you knew that the WWF / WWE pretty much ruled the air waves.  But thanks to a comic book company called CHAOS! they also had a fairly large presence in comic book shops.   Most of the comics were single issues or one shots including Mankind, The Rock and Chyna (who had tw different one-shots).


The Stone Cold Steve Austin Comic Book was a four issue mini-series and each issue had two different covers (one photo and one artwork).  His series lasted from October 1999 – February 2000.


The longest running of the Wrestling Comic books from CHAOS! was “THE UNDERTAKER”!  It ran 10 issues plus a Halloween Special from February 1999 – January 2000.


The creative talent on these books varried but included: Steven Grant, Fabiano Neves, Mike Deodato,Jr., Beau Smith, Manny Clark,James Fry, Eddy Barrows, and others.

So there you go…A little bit of Comic Book / Wrestling history!!!


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