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Fine Art comes to CCC!!!

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I can go months, sometimes even years without anyone coming into the shop to sell me statues but yesterday not just one but two different people did.  The statues are all in their original boxes and though they had been out of the boxes and displayed (a couple were still dusty) they are in excellent shape.  All are limited edition and each is individually numbered.

There are two different SILVER SURFER statues the first is the 30th Anniversary (1966 – 1996) Edition and is#807 OF 1800; The second is from 1997 and is #0657 of 888 .

The other statues include:

DARKSEID a 1999 DC Direct Statue which stands 12 inches tall and is #225 of1300.

DOCTOR DOOM from 2000 that stands 14 inches tall and is #2071 of 5000.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN from 2001 and is 2799 of5000.

PHANTOM MINI-BUST from 2003 stands 6 inches tall and is #2484 of 4000.

And finally

BATGIRL Women Of The DC Universe (series 3) from 2009 (I think) stands 6 inches tall and is #1107 of 5000.

These are all beautifully sculpted and hand painted (or so the boxes state).  Be sure to come by the shop and take a look at  these new acquisitions!!!


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