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A Knotty Problem!!!

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Jumbo Comics was a title produced by Fiction House Magazines from 1938 until 1953.  The title contained the adventures of many characters but the one most remembered, and featured most often on the cover was “Sheena Queen Of The Jungle”!  She appeared in nearly every issue (actually I believe she was in every issue but I’m hedging as I am not 100% sure) of the 167 issues produced.

However a lesser known character began appearing in issue number 9, his name was Stuart Taylor.  He starred in “Weird Stories of the Supernatural”!


My only reason for bringing any of this up is…

I was recently reading a reprint comic book which featured a Stuart Taylor story.  It was reprinted in black and white but since the artwork on the story was by Louis K. Fine it was still enjoyable.  The story was probably from the early to mid 1940s and I know that my 2015 outlook is quite different than that of someone from the 1040s but still when I ran across the panel shown below I just know I would have to share it.


I am not certain that a “Knotted Thong” is not more dangerous to the wearer than the observer, but I will admit a certain vulnerability to thongs generally speaking.

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