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A Pocket Full Of Fun!!!

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Before there were video game systems…Before there were Gameboys…and DEFINITELY before there were smart phones we humans were searching for a small, portable way to entertain ourselves (NO, NOT THAT!!!) while waiting in line, for appointments, or when we should have been doing our jobs.  Unfortunately the technology was just too primative.  However in the year of our lord 1975 a Japanese toy company called TOMY changed all of that!!!!  They introduced the “Tomy Pocket Game”!!!  These small (2.75 X4.75 inches) games fit perfectly into the breast pocket of a shirt, the back pocket of a pair of pants, or in a lady’s pocket book.  There was a variety of games including, but not limited to:  Baseball, car racing, basketball, slot machine, maze, pachinko (an Asian pinball game), soccer,and many others.    These games were perfect for killing time or keeping back seat passengers (children and adults) occupied on long, or even not so long, voyages.  Suggested Retail price of these games was $1.29and was worth every cent.  A search of Ebay turned up plenty of them for sale but due to the high minimum bids most sellers were postin not many were selling.  Thankfully I still have several from back in the day and all of them still work perfectly so I can enjoy them anytime I’d like!

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