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Canton, Oh My Canton!!!!

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Fortean Times Magazine is a Brittish publication dealing with “The World Of Strange Phenomena”.  The articles found in any given issue may deal with a wide range of subjects including, but not limited to:  Weather, Aliens, Flying Saucers, Unexplained Events and Creatures, Strange Deaths, Haunted Locations, Ghosts, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Unsolved Murders, Pop Culture, and many other subjects.  The Magazine has been published since 1973 so has a long and successful history.  I. personally, have been reading the magazine since the mid 1980s and find it informative as well as entertaining.


The December 2014 (issue #320) of the magazine had a cover story about the 1950s Comic Book hysteria here in the USA.  To Quote the descrition written inside:  “Robert Guffy looks back at the moral panic sparked by American horror comics in the 1940s and 1950s and asks whether what was really at work was political propaganda and the simple art of distraction…”  As a comic book fan and dealer as well as a fan of comic book history I couldn’t wait to read the article.  I found it well written with more content than the usual “Dr. Wertham bashing” and “EC Comics Praising” but what I found most surprising was a photo graph that was included in the article…


WOW!!!  A photo of my home town collecting comic books to be burnt!!!  To see this photo in a British Publication made me all kinds of proud to be a native Cantonian!!!   In defense of these poor young lads turning in their comic books I think the fact that they put a “Sweet Young Lady” in charge of the collecting was part of the reason for the success of this operation… Oh the things we sappy men do to impress the fairer sex…but I digress.  I was aware that Canton had some of these collection / burnings in the 1950s thanks to a former customer (now passed on) who had told me that at one such event he had turned in the highest number of comic books and as a prize received a set of encyclopedia.  I never asked him but often wondered if he had looked up the history of book burning in those tomes of knowledge to find out what sort of repressive, backward, societies did such a thing.

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