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The Game Is The Thing!!!!

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When I go spelunking in the warehouse area of the shop I never know what I’m going to find.  Today I came across a cache of games.  most were games from the Avalon Hill Game Company.  Avalon Hill was most known for their strategic re-enactment games like:  Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, D-Day, Waterloo but also produced other games both war (Diplomacy…One of my favorites &U-Boat) as well as general entertainment (Survival, Vegas, Stocks & Bonds, Wizard’s Quest and Rail Baron) but the one that really caught my eye today was “THE SHAKESPEARE GAME”!!!


One of the company’s “Book Shelf” games this one was produced, in 1966, in an effort to combine education with entertainment.  The game could be played Solitaire or as a multi-player game with up to 4 players.  Included with the game was a booklet containing a Synopsis of all 37 plays, a chronological history of the plays, and sources of famous quotations.


I have no idea how many years his particular game was produced but I can not ever remember getting a phone call from someone wanting to know if I wanted to spend the evening playing a rousing game of Shakespeare!!! I do however, know of one educator who used to use this game as part of her teaching of High School English.



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