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Gosh, This Just Doesn’t Seem Right!!!

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Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #56 featured one of DC’s famous “Imaginary Stories”.  “Imaginary Stories” were just that, stories that were not part of the, then, DC Cannon.  They usually involved Superman marrying one of the many women (most of whom had the initials “L L”) he has been involved with or perhaps someone other than Superman getting super powers or any of a billion other possibilities that the writers might come up with.

This particular story postulated on what might happen if Jimmy Olsen’s Son and Superman’s daughter fell in love.  The cover shows the reactions of the two sets of parents, Jimmy being elated and Superman worried.  Superdad-jimmyolsen56

Even in the story Clark / Superman explains that he is worried about Jimmy’s safety and THAT is the reason the marriage can never happen.

Hmmmm…Shouldn’t he actually be more worried that the offspring of this “Appalachian” marriage would have gills, feathers, extra appendages, three eyes or any of a million other possible mutations???

Why, you ask???

Well, because, for those of you that do not know who the two wives involve are…Superman’s spouse is Lois Lane and Jimmy’s is Lucy Lane…Lois’ sister…

That means that the two people contemplating marriage are FIRST COUSINS!!!!!!!

Now maybe on Krypton that is an everyday occurrence but Jimmy, Lucy, and Lois, as earthbound Americans, should know a lot better…That is unless, of course Metropolis is in some backwoods State (you choose the one I don’t want to offend any readers from those states….I mean if any of them actually CAN read…but I digress).  So there you have it…  And THAT is why I think this particular story Just Doesn’t Seem Right!!!

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