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I’m going to take a break from my normal plugging of products,  weird finds in the warehouse, and/or funny stories and do something a little different today.

Anyone who has come into the shop for any length of time knows that there is often more conversation than sales going on and that those conversations do not necessarily have anything to do with comic books.

Recently the subject has seemed to be about HAPPINESS!!!

The lack of it… the search for it… the loss of it… and the meaning of it.

I’ve seen relationships end because one party or the other “Just Wasn’t Happy”!

I’ve seen people quit jobs because they “Just Weren’t Happy”.

I’ve seen so many people base a life changing choice simply on their lack of or desire to find this elusive emotion.

And yet, in almost every one of those scenarios, once the choice was made the person / people involved found themselves no happier…at least not in the long term.

In a deck of Tarot Cards (Yes I know something about these cards (just like I know something about many religious / philosophical texts and teachings)  and NO they are not in any way connected to Satan worship) there is one particular card that I think is appropriate to this discussion, it is the Eight (8) Of Cups Card (below is an illustration of one version of the card).


As you can see the card depicts eight cups stacked on a table but there is obviously a space for a ninth, missing cup… rather than be satisfied with the cups they HAVE the individual, in the illustration , abandons those to go on a quest to find that which they construe as missing!!!!

I guess what I’m trying to say here is we, all of us have so many things, in our lives that make us happy yet we fail to notice them because we are so busy trying to find that “One Ultimate Thing” that we believe will make us Forever Happy!!!

Having said that I am now going to ask any one of you who read this to think of something…some moment in your life…that always makes you feel happy.  Some thing or some time in your life when you really were happy.  Take the time to enjoy that moment one more time.  Don’t dwell on the fact that it is a moment that has passed… because it hasn’t… as long as you remember it you will always have that moment!!!

If you feel like sharing that moment as a comment, that’s fine…but it isn’t required…If it can just make you happy…even for a very few fleeting seconds then I haven’t wasted my time.

Thanks for reading this…

I’ll get back to the regular blogs next time!!!

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