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Look What I Got Today!!!!

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Yes, it is Monday!!!  YES, I know I am not even supposed to be here because it is my “OFFICIAL” Day Off!!!  But here I am and since I am here I figure I might as well unlock the door and flip the open sign on and see what happens.  So this is what happened!!!  Ten (10) boxes of “slightly” opened packs of Garbage Pail Kids Stickers.  By “”slightly” opened”” I mean the original owner opened every pack and took out the gum then closed the pack back up possibly without even looking at the stickers (BTW…not even in the top 15 of weirdest things I find a person has done to items I have purchased over the years).  So, anyway, if anyone has any interest ing buying some, or all of these, let me know!!!



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  1. Tom Wolf

    Those are awesome. I haven’t seen those in years. Are you selling them?

    • CCCTom

      Of course I am!!! Preferably as a lot but individually if need be.

  2. trout

    but the gum is the best part!

    • CCCTom

      Obviously that is what the original owner thought as well!!!