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Rainy Day Rummaging!!!

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Since the last couple of days (and the foreseeable ones…) have been VERY rainy (who is up for gathering some gopher wood and building an ark??)  I had nothing better to do than rummage around the back going through boxes of comics I’d never explored.  In one of them I found several issues of a Marvel one-shot comic from January of 1983 called “THE OFFICIAL MARVEL NO-PRIZE BOOK”  subtitled “Mighty Marvel’s Most Massive Mistakes!”



For the uninitiated, a “No-Prize” was something awarded to a reader who wrote into Marvel pointing out some sort of inconsistency in one of the Marvel titles.  The prize was actually a specially printed envelope which was sent to the reader… the envelope was, of course, empty as there was NO Prize!!!


After more than 20 years of publishing (I am of course only referring to the years post Fantastic Four #1 when the “Marvel-Age” of comics began) Marvel decided to produce a comic book featuring some of their biggest blunders…Thus was born “THE OFFICIAL MARVEL NO-PRIZE BOOK”!!!

Some of the blunders are not that earth shattering but one of my favorites was spotlighted…Spider-Man accidentally called Superman!!!


Given the opportunity I highly recommend giving this issue a read. There is a lot of history in the book and basically it is just a fun title.  That should be proved by the introduction on the inside front cover.


One should also pay close attention to the small print in the lower right corner.  This is usually just copyright information and legal babble but they took a little extra time to have some fun in that section.


Really, take the time to read it (I mean since I took the time to enlarge it and include it here its the least you can do)…it is pretty darn funny and definitely creative!!!

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