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Things I Wonder About!!!!

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When I have too much time on my hands…Which is probably most of the time… My mind sort of wanders and questions arise that I have no answer to…

So here are a few of the things I wonder about…

Be careful Deep Thoughts Ahead!!!!!


Why do they take a mug shot of a person when they get arrested? When they get released do they give them a mug with the picture on it as a remembrance of the experience?

If the Government truly believed in a “Truth in Labeling” for foodstuffs wouldn’t it be called a “Hot Parts Of The Animal You Would Never Think Of Eating. In A Million Years, Mixed With Insect Parts And Rodent Droppings”  instead of a “Hot Dog”?

Have you ever seen a radio wave (I’ve never even seen a radio’s hands) and if you do see a radio wave should you wave back?

Does a driving iron press your clothes while in the car?

Are people who live in Flats two-dimensional?

We have all seen “T-Shirts” but I’ve never seen any “A – S Shirts” I wonder what was fundamentally wrong with their designs?

Shouldn’t a stage be called a Playground?

Is throwing a fit good exercise and if so should one start throwing light ones and work their way up to the really heavy ones?

Is moron the middle level with mereron and mostron being the lower and higher levels respectively?

Do potted plants get higher than plants that aren’t?

Do soft drinks need Viagra?

Should I possibly seek help???

Well, that’s it for now but you never know when I may strike again!!!



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