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Thor Created Woman!!!

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In late 2014 the comic book world was abuzz with the news that Marvel comics was going to be changing Thor into a female.  The storyline they came up with was that the current (male) Thor was no longer worthy to lift the hammer (part of the mystical spell read that only the worthy could lift it) and a new person, who happened to be a female, manages to be worthy enough to lift it and thus become Thor (the former Thor now going by the name “Odinson”).

And so it was in issue  number one (1),  of the new series,  that we saw this female grasp and lift the hammer thus becoming Thor.


However it was not until issue number eight (8) that they finally revealed who this mysterious woman was…SPOILER ALERT…That woman being Jane Foster!!!


Who would have thought it might be this long time character and former girlfriend of Thor???  Well…probably quite a few people because if you go back to the year 1978 and peruse a copy of:

What If? Volume 1 #10 from August ofthat year, you will find that the cover story is/was “What If Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer Of Thor?”


So it only took them 36 years to make that “What If? story come true!!!!


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