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Another Monday!!!!

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Well here it is Monday again and, as usual, “I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here!!!”  But since I had some work to do on the order forms and on the computer, I went ahead and unlocked &opened the front door.   Will I never learn.  Several people came in and looked around then left…didn’t take up a great deal of my time.  But then a 3 member family (mom and two older children (in their 20s I’m guessing) came in to ask if I was interested in buying a NASCAR collection most of which consists of Dale Earnhardt “collectables”!!!  I initially declined but we continued to chat and they said they had it in the car anyway so could just bring it in to let me take a look.  What could it hurt, right?  They carried in two very large totes and a couple boxes.  Lots of die cast cars (large and small), photos, plates, watches, mugs & glasses, magazines, cards, games (including the “Dale Earnhardt Monopoly game), and toys.

I know virtually nothing about NASCAR collectables and have had VERY little luck sell them in the past…SOOOOOOO…. Naturally I bought the stuff!!!!!  Because I am “Just THAT Stupid!!!!”


So if you are a NASCAR or Dale fan…come on down to CCC… We gots the stuff for you!!!

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