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Way back in the Year Of Our Lord 2010 a trio of men established a group called “Canton Regional Entertainment Audio Programming” also known as CREAP!!1   The trio,consisting of: I. M. Manly, Harry L. Scmeckle and A. Randy Feller; did a semi-regular podcast meant to entertain and (possibly) educate.   Their website (CREAP.us) has long since disappeared and most of the pod casts have long since disappeared from the web.


(The Photo above is the last known photo of the CREAPERS (whose features were obscured due to legal constraints))

BUT… I recently uncovered a small cache of these rare and out of print pod casts that have not been heard in quite some time…So, in commemoration of Independence Day I am re-presenting the episode from July 4, 2010 whose topic was “Fireworks Safety”!!!

As a warning this podcast, which is nearly an hour long, Is VERY politically incorrect as well as EXTREMELY NSFW (Not Safe For Work) but some of you may find it entertaining.

A special thank you to the aforementioned trio as well as the announcer Bradley Russett… also a special thanks to “Dick Marley And The Wackers” who did the theme song!!! We miss you CREAPERS!!!


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