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So, A Lady Walks Into A Comic Book Shop With Two Garbage Bags Of Model Kits…

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So, A Lady Walks Into A Comic Book Shop With Two Garbage Bags Of Model Kits…  Unfortunately this is not the beginning of a joke… Well…Actually it kind of is…


The lady needs to sell the model kits because she needs money but also because she can not put them together herself as she is ADHD and she is blind in one eye (a spider bit her and the poison went straight to her eye…REALLY she said this…I can’t make this sort of stuff up!!!) I open a couple of the boxes and everything seemed OK so a deal was struck and she took the money and left.

I started opening the boxes to see what I had just acquired and the first few contained the expected vehicles.  Some had indications that someone had started working on them (pieces painted or glued together) but still nothing too outrageous that would make them unsaleable.


Then came the falling of the other shoe… Boxes containing several completed models…boxes containing various parts…boxes containing scraps of plastic…and a box containing paints, brushes, and tubes of glue (I’m thinking she will be returning to get the glue as there was still plenty of sniffing left in them there tubes).


Full disclosure… there were some “customers” and such in the shop to observe this comedy of errors in all its glory…A good time was had by all…well mostly all!

The part that got the most laughs was when I opened the box that was supposed to contain the “Rescue 911” ambulance and instead foune a mostly assembled “Star Wars Imperial Shuttle”


So anyone interested in buying some model kits and/or pieces parts there of…Drop by the shop…We Have What You Are Looking For!!!!

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