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Then And Now-Canton-03

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Many of you who have visited the shop know I do a series of photos (which hang on the wall as you enter) I call the “Then And Now” series.  I find photos taken of places around Canton, Ohio throughout the years then go to that same location (sometimes finding the location takes a great deal of research…other times not) and take a photo of what is at that location today then put them together in a comparison photo.

Recently I have posted a few of them  and the response has been pretty good so here is my most recent creation!!!   I hope you like it…Be sure to tell your friends.


This is the North side of the 100 / 200 Block of 6th Street North West.  The top portion is from 1989 and features (Left to Right)  A. L. Williams, Goins (?) (A Martial Arts Acadamy ?)Entrance to the Clarkson Apartments. Spector’s Beauty & Barber Supplies, Big Red Q Printing, Entrance to Clarkson Annex Apartments, and Anthony Rossi Studio.  The lower portion features (Left to Right) Lynda Tuttle’s Art Center, Entrance to the 205 RMK Rentals,  and Anthony Rossi Studio.

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  1. Richard Green

    Didn’t Angelo’s Spaghetti house used to be on that block? It’s where I proposed to my 1st wife.