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1988 CCC Commercial

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Welcome to a VERY Special “Throw Back Thursday” edition of the CCC blog.

In a few short weeks (about 7) Comics Cards And Collectables will be celebrating their 35th anniversary!!! We will, of course, have one of our celebrations…This one will be on Saturday October 31 and will also tie into the annual “Halloween ComicFest” event.  There will be lots of fun, free comic books (made just for “Halloween ComicFest” ) and a HUGE comic book sale.

With that in mind I, once again,  dove deep into the cavernous archives of CCC and dredged this video up.  This is from about 27 years ago (1988 for the mathing challenged), it ran on the local (at the time) television station…Channel 67 WOAC!!!  The background music is the Superman Movie Overture (The original 1978 Chritopher Reeve classic).  And be sure to listen to the dulcet tones of the “Voice-Over Announcer”… WOW we spared no expense on this baby!!!  The address has changed but the shop is still alive and kicking after all these years!!!!

I hope you enjoy this piece of Comics Cards And Collectables… AND Canton, Ohio…History!!!


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