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I’m going to try something a little different here and see how it works…If it does we will probably do LOTS more of similar sales…If not then this is a one time only!

This is a one of a kind item sale that is only going to be posted on this page and on the Comics, Cards, And Collectables Facebook page.

I am putting one, and only one, long box full of comic books on sale for only $50.00!!!!  This box contains 350 comic books (give or take a few) so the buyer will be paying less then15 cents per book (break out your calculator and figure out exactly how much less yourself).


The left portion of the above picture shows the box that is for sale and the right portion shows a sample of the books that are in said box.  there are books from Marvel, DC, Valiant, Image, just to name a few.  there will be some duplication of issues but not a great deal.  conditions vary but 99% should be complete copies.  At this low of a price these books are sold “AS IS” and there will be no returns.

So the first person to come into the shop, say they saw this posting, and fork over $50.00 (Cash only) will take this “Box-O-Books” home with them.  Please keep in mind that the shop “Officially” opens at 2:00 PM today and we close at 7:00 PM!

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