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Many of you who have visited the shop (Comics Cards And Collectables 724 Cleveland Ave. SW on the FRINGES of Beautiful Downtown Canton…For those of you who were confused) know I do a series of photos (which hang on the wall as you enter) I call the “Then And Now” series.  I find photos taken of places around Canton, Ohio throughout the years then go to that same location (sometimes finding the location takes a great deal of research…other times not) and take a photo of what is at that location today then put them together in a comparison photo.

It occurs to me that I have not annoyed you fine people with one of these since last summer…Well time to rectify THAT situation!!!



This has always been one of my favorite photos due to it being taken looking out from the steps of the McKinley Monument rather than of the monument itself.  The top photo shows the long water (representing the blade of the sword which the monument depicts) which was filled in during a 1951 renovation.  The the industrial building in the upper right corner with the stack belching dark smoke probably belonged to the Canton Water Pumping station which was located in what is now known as “Water Works Park”.

holding vault then and now-03-a-r

From his death (September 14, 1901) until the dedication of the monument (September 30, 1907) President McKinely’s body was entombed in in the West Lawn Receiving Vault. An honor guard was on duty at all times during that period.

If, perchance, you enjoy these photos I put together; feel free to leave a comment or send us a message.

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  1. Tyler A. P. Moody

    These are great Tom, thanks for sharing! The view of Canton from the monument is great! It’s also neat to see how the trees have grown between the images.

  2. trout

    yeah I noticed right away the trees