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Thank You AI Sports Nutrition

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I’ve been getting Nutritional Supplements from AI Sports Nutrition for about a year.  My friend Jeff Zwick is the owner of the company and has introduced me to the products that suit my needs!  I just got a package from them today containing my usual supplements.


The last couple shipments he has also included a “100% WHEY PROTEIN” Nutritional supplement which is “CINNAMON ROLL” flavored.  Now anyone who knows me knows I’m not exactly a body builder so am not putting on muscle BUT this stuff is SOOOOOO yummy!!!  It, honest to goodness tastes like you are eating a cinnamon roll (it also comes with a very nifty “Blender Bottle”)!!!


So imagine my surprise when, along with the a fore mentioned product there was a HUGE container of a (I’m guessing) NEW flavored

“100% WHEY PROTEIN” Nutritional supplement…… PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG, I can’t wait to try this!!!!

So thank you Jeff Zwick and thank you AI Sport Nutrition!!!

If you have any need for Nutritional Supplements or information here is a link to their web site:




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