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A Birthday Postscript!

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First I would like to thank everyone for the warm wishes, greetings, and presents that were sent my way yesterday whether via Facebook, telephone, text, or visitation.  You can not know how much your caring enough to reach out to me with affection meant.

Several of you took the time to drop by the shop to give your greetings in person and some of you even brought me gifts and cards.  I appreciated that so very much and hope each one of you realize how much that meant.  The Breakfast waffle, gourmet popcorn, and gift certificate to my favorite restaurant will go far to keeping me from losing weight for the next few days and I will be enjoying every moment of that, so thank you very much!

But the absolutely best gift I got yesterday was from a young lady named Bella!

Bella, her mommy Christina, and her daddy,Rich came into the shop to wish me a happy birthday.

When they entered I was with a customer who was purchasing some books but I couldn’t help but notice Bella was holding a card and was dancing with excitement and anxious to give it to me.  Once I had finished with the customers Bella excitedly handed me the card and couldn’t wait for me to open it.

It was a funny card (as you can see above) and contained a small “whoopie cushion” for effect.  Now as a well seasoned adult I enjoyed the card but it did not occur tome that I should try the cushion out…HOWEVER it certainly had occurred to Bella that I should…. So I took it out of its protective, plastic bag and at Bella’s instruction blew it up.

What followed were many, many minutes of laughter, silliness, and fun all thanks to a small rubber bladder and the imagination of a young child.

So Thank You Bella…

For reminding me that sometimes we all need to look at life through a child’s eyes so that we can recapture the fun, laughter, imagination, wonder, and adventure that constantly surrounds us but we, as adults, are too caught up to notice.

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