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Today Marvel has released a 2017 issue of F.O.O.M. Magazine!!!

For the uninitiated, F.O.O.M. (which stood for Friends Of Ol’ Marvel) was a Marvel Comics Fan Club started by Marvel Comics (who else) in 1973.

Back in 1973, this young man (I was 18 years old at the time…DON’T JUDGE ME!!!) could not send in his $2.50 membership fee quick enough.  I carried my membership card, in my wallet, proudly for many years…and thus the reason it looks so battered and worn today (yes I still have it!!!).

The above photo features an original ad to join F.O.O.M. (taken from Avengers #116 October 1973), The front and back of my personal F.O.O.M. membership card (which I no longer carry in my wallet but have archived in a secure location), and a picture of the proud owner of said card circa 1973.



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  1. trout

    I was born in 1973 and I still hold a grudge against my parents for not getting me a membership when I was born!